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Frequently Asked Questions

LyfeCycle was designed to be a cost-effective, all-inclusive global solution. Having all components run seamlessly together under one roof yet also affordable, is hard to find in the market. This key differentiator has set LyfeCycle apart, and for good reason.

A difficult to use solution is just as bad as having no solution at all, either way – your employees aren’t going to use it. By design, LyfeCycle is an elegant solution that your employees will find easy to use. You can configure access unique to your individual users. The solution was also developed with a responsive design, so entry may be completed on a mobile device. When you witness an incident, recording takes a few seconds to complete the immediate information needed to get the process going. Once an incident has been submitted, a predefined workflow guides the user through the problem solving process.

By utilizing the graphics presented on the dashboard to quickly and easily share your current situation with all interested parties, information can be readily available and polished. Dashboards also provide users with easy to navigate lists of outstanding tasks to keep them on track.  Automated notifications ensure users are reminded of outstanding tasks, and management is notified when the tasks remain uncompleted.

Yes, you may download an OSHA Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses booklet which contains information captured in the incident report.

Unfortunately, incidents happen. When they do, it is important to thoroughly analyze in order to mitigate future occurrences. You can use LyfeCycle to identify and act on root cause of incidents, analyze data to identify areas of risk, communicate findings and follow up on implementation of recommendations. As LyfeCycle is utilized and the volume of data increases overtime, the overall “big picture” continues to grow and offer quality detail within your EHS&S program.

Difficult to use outdated technology, spreadsheets, binders, and paper forms are a thing of the past. Your information is centralized, allowing you to analyze performance in real time and identify areas of improvement. LyfeCycle dashboards offer an easy visual way to communicate information to others within your organization who perhaps are not in the EHS&S trenches day to day, but still needs to be informed or success and needed improvements.

LyfeCycle includes audit capability that may be used for ensure the continued success of your EHS&S program. Audits can be scheduled to occur on a specific frequency and automated email notifications and dashboard task functionality ensure that your employees are kept on track day to day, and week and week.

EHS&S is far more than just meeting compliance and checking boxes. Rather, the critical heartbeat of keeping an organization safe for its employees, compliant, and focused on environmental loyalty. Environment, health, safety and sustainability is an organizational discipline that implements specific aspects of environmental protection and safety at work. In simple terms, EHS&S is what organizations must do to ensure that their activities do not cause harm. From a health & safety standpoint, it involves creating standardized procedures to identify workplace hazards while reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situations and substances.

No matter the type of manufacturer, size, or headcount; an EHS&S program guided by a technical solution is critical to the overall “health” at an organization. Sophistication, intelligence, and ease of use promotes a vested interest in continuous improvement of employee well-being and environmental impact.

Understanding what your organization does well within EHS&S, where it needs improvement, how dollars are affected, and how environment is impacted by your organization is what matters in today’s manufacturing world. LyfeCycle was created specifically with the manufacturer in mind, with custom functionality that gears exactly toward what matters in managing a successful program. The ability to generate actionable data to be used for improvement and understanding is what LyfeCycle was built for. LyfeCycle creates an experience that is user friendly, actionable, customizable, and undeniably a “next level way” to manage EHS&S!

EHS&S is highly critical to multiple areas of an organization and to the community, which makes it quite unique within an organization! How a manufacturer is viewed from the outside world, makes for a positive reputation with the people involved (employees/customers) and the environment aspects it impacts such as water, greenhouse gas, and environmental reduction. LyfeCycle’s core functions guide this philosophy in a way that is BUILT for the manufacturer. Sustainability reporting is necessary to remain relevant in today’s world, where reporting is a globally accepted practice. Utilizing the information captured and normalized to complete disclosure reports that are necessary in securing investors and clients is the near future of EHS&S!


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