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Evolving Environment, Health, and Safety in the modern world

"LyfeCycle was able to provide a cost-effective, innovative EH&S management tool for Varroc Lighting which is located in 17 countries. The solution is flexible to be effective at all locations and allow for global management of our EH&S KPIs, incident investigations and assessments. LyfeCycle is very customer-focused, helping to drive continuous improvement in our EH&S performance”.
-Jennifer Meier, Global EHS Director: Varroc Lighting

How does technology evolve, benefit, and improve Environment, Health, and Safety programs in guiding them to the next level of excellence?

Your EH&S program directly and indirectly effects everything at your organization.

Portrait of Male and Female Industrial Engineers in Hard Hats Discuss New Project while Using Laptop. They Wear Safety Jackets.They Work at the Heavy Industry Manufacturing Factory.

In today’s world, a leading edge technology solution is changing the way EH&S operates and succeeds. Difficult to use/outdated technology, spreadsheets, binders, and paper forms are a thing of the past. Intelligent analysis of EH&S, Corrective Action/Risk Mitigation, Environmental Impact Reduction, Universal Corporate Perspective, Audit/Permit Tracking, and Scalability are critical elements in today’s EH&S world! A modern EHS program promotes goal setting, metrics, data detail, and corrective action in an easily accessible way, in order to progressively improve and manage EH&S day to day, and year to year. EH&S technology supports the proactive care for employee wellbeing, but also the overall improvement and cost saving factors within other areas of your organization. Modern technology not only builds the road, but also paves the way to evolve it!