LyfeCycle pricing and services were strategically developed to be affordable and valuable for the common goal of helping organizations evolve and modernize their EH&S programs. LyfeCycle service details are as follows:

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Subscription Model (SaaS)

We believe LyfeCycle should be a continuous evolutionary component to your EH&S program, and we want to stay in tune with your goals and initiatives as a partner! Your organization will be supported in subscription form that includes administrative support, ongoing maintenance, and license. The subscription fee is determined by number of participating facilities (10 employees or more) so that any user you feel needs to be involved with the solution, can be.

Implementation Process

Setting your organization up for success from the start is just as important as what the solution can do for your future! LyfeCycle takes implementation seriously in order to ensure stable, organized, and helpful ways to transition to the solution. Implementation is determined by existing environment, outside integration points, current & legacy data, and any additional deployment factors. This implementation interaction also promotes a solid working relationship for future collaborations!

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Training Session and Best Practice Material

Assisting with training in whatever way makes most sense for the organization is what we believe matters. User training and “train the trainer” programs are available, along with presentation material, user guide, and best practices documentation. Gathering as a group to not only discuss how LyfeCycle positively affects change, but also reiterate proactivity around EH&S is how we can help create vested interest among employee users.

Al la carte Enhancements

LyfeCycle understands that every organization is different by design! We are accustomed to meeting and exceeding needs that are related to how EH&S operations become successful. Should there be something in particular (Ie: specific feature/functionality) critical to an organization outside of the standard LyfeCycle platform, we are happy to discuss strategic development.

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EH&S Consulting and Guidance

Expertise that goes the mile! LyfeCycle does not stop at offering a successful one of a kind solution. We take great pride in being a part of EH&S from the ground floor. With selected partners and affiliations to guide education on what LyfeCycle offers EH&S leaders, as well as staying current within EH&S itself is where you can find us! Should you be in need of hands on expertise in a particular area of LyfeCycle, or general counsel on specialized areas of interest/improvement, our door is open for guidance.